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NON-PERMISSIONAL SITE-SPECIFIC PUBLIC INSTALLATION (1994-2014): i created my own versions of each of the mta’s subway instructional stickers, i then printed 3,000 of them and spent the next several months enlisting the aid of friends and friends of friends to ride the trains all night, installing my stickers over the originals.

i called the series “life instructions,” because they each offered snippets of philosophy that had helped me turn my life in a more positive direction, and i thought that others might benefit from the ideas as well.

although the largest of them were removed fairly quickly by mta officials (and admirers), the less conspicuous were seen as late as 2014. with an annual ridership of nearly 1.5 billion, one can only guess as to how many people saw these pieces over the course of their 20-year run.

in each set of images below, the original is followed by my version.